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The purpose of the present terms and conditions is to organize the relationship between CycloLibre and its customers, within the framework of the sale, repair or rental of equipment and articles related to cycling.

CycloLibre is the commercial name of Kalamos SRL, whose registered office is located at rue des Wallons 173, 4000 Liege, Belgium, under the company number BE0899 186 832. CycloLibre can be reached by phone at +32 478 67 25 43 or by email at


Rental conditions


  • description of the rental service: CycloLibre offers a rental service for equipment, including bicycles (electric or not), bags and bike trailers, as well as other items and accessories related to cycling. The equipment rented is new or already used.
  • CONTRACT: Before leaving, CycloLibre and the renter sign a rental contract specifying the day and time the equipment will be made available. The renter must show proof of identity. Only clients over 18 years old are authorized to sign the contract.
  • STATE: When signing the contract, the renter acknowledges that he/she is fit to ride a bicycle. He also acknowledges that the rented equipment is in working order, unless otherwise specified in the “State of the equipment” section of the contract, where any defective elements can be indicated.
  • Property: The rented equipment remains the property of CycloLibre. The user may not lend, sublet or transfer it to a third party, unless otherwise specified in writing by CycloLibre. During the rental period, the renter is authorized to act on the bicycle in case of a flat tire. Any other repair work, whether by the renter or a bike mechanic, is subject to the explicit written agreement of CycloLibre and will be carried out in accordance with its instructions.
  • RESPONSIBILITY: From the moment the contract is signed, the equipment is the sole responsibility of the renter, particularly in the event of loss, theft or damage, even partial. At each stop, even for a short time, the renter is obligated to attach the frame of the bicycle to a fixed point using the lock provided.

The renter is solely responsible in case of accidents and damages of any kind caused to third parties, to himself or to the rented equipment. CycloLibre cannot be held responsible for any type of damage occurring during the rental period. The renter acknowledges that the rental of one helmet per cyclist has been proposed.

  • RESERVATION AND CANCELLATION: A reservation becomes effective upon payment of a deposit corresponding to 30% of the rental amount. Only cancellations made in writing to CycloLibre up to 7 days before departure will be reimbursed. This clause excludes health problems caused to the future renter, justified by a medical certificate.


  • PAYMENT AND DEPOSIT: The rental and the deposit can be paid in advance. The renter authorizes CycloLibre to keep/collect the deposit or a part of it in case of theft, loss or damage to the bicycle and/or accessories, or late return, and is committed to paying an additional fee in the context of the following conditions:
  • DETERIORATION: The price of the repair, or that of the material if the repair is not possible, will be claimed according to the following tarif: electric bike 2000€, touring bike 1100€, city bike 800€, saddle 20€, bell 5€, derailleur 20€, mudguard 15€, rear wheel 60€, helmet 60€, phone holder 15€, handlebar bag 90€, front bag pair 120€, rear bag pair 150€, complete triple bags 200€, handlebar bag bike-packing 12,5 l 50€, bike-packing saddle bag 10l 100€, bike-packing frame bag 2,5l 80€, bike-packing top tube bag 50€, quick release luggage rack 75€, luggage trailer only 200€, luggage trailer with two tents 250€, airplane suitcase 200€, TGV transport bag 60€, repair kit 25€, lock 50€, rain cover 45€, child seat 30€, child trailer 300€, follow me 80€. The price of accessories not mentioned above will be defined by CycloLibre. Work required for repairs is billed at a 50€/hour rate.
  • BIKE Theft: The renter must report any bike theft to the police within 24 hours, and provide CycloLibre with a copy of the police report and the key to the lock. In this case, CycloLibre will retain only the amount of the deposit (400€). if the copy of the police report or the lock key is not provided, CycloLibre will invoice the renter for the value of the stolen bike.
  • Theft/loss of accessories: If the amount of the damage exceeds the amount of the deposit, the balance will be charged to the renter according to the rates above. Any loss of a lock key will result in the billing of a complete lock.
  • Delay: Any overrun of the scheduled rental period is considered an additional rental period. Each day started will be charged as a full day.
  • Early return of rented equipment: no refund or rebate will be provided.
  • ROUTES: CycloLibre provides advice on routes as well as maps, itineraries and books related to bike rides and trips. CycloLibre can in no way be held responsible for any type of damage related to a recommended route.

Terms and conditions of sale

The material sold remains the property of CycloLibre until full payment is received. The legal guarantee of the supplier applies to all products sold.


Workshop: bike RETRIEVAL

Any bicycle entrusted to CycloLibre for repair and not retrieved two months after the repair deadline will be evacuated by CycloLibre. This deadline will be communicated to the client at least twice by means of communication such as telephone, e-mail, SMS or Messenger. The owner of the bicycle renounces to all appeal against CycloLibre following the evacuation of the bicycle.



The information collected in the context of the sale or rental is processed by CycloLibre in order to manage the resulting commercial relationship. It is not sold, given or exchanged. CycloLibre takes the appropriate security measures to guarantee confidentiality.

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In case of dispute, the courts of Liege have exclusive jurisdiction.